Security Consulting


As a former spy, I’ve used the little bad habits that all people develop to my advantage – mistakes you don’t even know you’re making, which could cost you business, privacy – even your identity.

Engage me today to learn how simple practices can secure and protect your business, your home, your family and your livelihood.

Right now, you’re making mistakes: with your privacy, with your home, with your smartphone, when you travel. What you don’t know WILL cost you.

I provide comprehensive security consultations and briefings from securing your home and educating your children on dealing with strangers, to kidnap and hostage mitigation whien traveling in dangerous countries.

You’ll only get the best: former spies, surveillants and special forces soldiers teach you the ins and outs of real-world safety and security.

All consulting is tailored to your needs.

A minimum one-day per-diem applies.

Contact me at to arrange a meeting.

$850.00/day + HST

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