Self Defence Videos

Check in here and at our blog for regular video demonstrations of the Dos and Don'ts of practical self defence. If you have a self defence question or "What If" scenario, I'll answer it here - just email me at or tweet @RoninTrng or @UCSOttawa. Enjoy the show...

Part 1 of UCS' explanation of common martial arts myths. Myth #1: Size doesn't matter. No matter how tight your technique is, a bigger, stronger, heavier, more powerful attacker with aggressive intent will simply crush you as you labour to arm bar, shirt-choke or windmill your way to safety.

A few thoughts on the consequences of using pepper spray and other weapons for self defence. In response to interesting comments by a Canadian politician.

In this video, a quick debunking of the all-too-often used standby of attacking the groin as a one-size-fits-all solution for women's self defence. Watch three potential attacker responses which could make things worse.

Preparing for a self defence situation requires more than physical practice. We must be prepared for what comes before the violence: the social posturing, threats, aggressive behaviour that predators and bullies use to attack our confidence and create doubt.

CTV Ottawa Morning Live Appearances

You can see UCS in action on Ottawa's #1 Morning Show, CTV Ottawa Morning Live (@CTVOttMornLive) with Host Lianne Laing (@LianneLaing) right here:

Self Defense I - Self Defense II - De-escalation - Night Safety (Graphic!!)